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Sascha Lange's Bachelor Thesis on computer vision

I've just finished and handed in my Bachelor Thesis on cvtk. I've put it here for the interested reader.

Tracking of color-marked objects in a 2-dimensional space

Sascha Lange


The Small Size League of the RoboCup represents a simplified and controllable domain for computer vision in comparison to the real world. All objects in this domain can be uniquely coded by coloured markings. Due to the fixed camera position perpendicularly over the playing field center, usually methods of stereo vision are not needed.

Existing Computer Vision Systems for this domain are either not freely available or too inflexible, in order to be applied by laymen without a huge effort in adapting and re-writing the system.

The development of a purely software-based, freely available image recognition system in the context of a library will be described in this thesis. The proposed system supplies sufficient information to agents acting in this domain, and allows them a purposeful action control. Beyond that, the system could be applied in a broad field of similar domains.

PDF - My Bachelor Thesis as PDF-document (german)
Online - My Bachelor Thesis as online document (german)